You don’t need another boring youtube tutorial. You Just need community!






= $$$

making 100K in your beauty business should be FUN! 

Are you sick of:

💸 Inconsistent Paydays

📆 More white space than appointments in your book

🤑 Relying on family or a second job to pay bills

📈 Not knowing what to do to grow your beauty biz

😔 Feeling alone, not knowing where to get answers

🙏🏼 Posting and praying as a social media strategy

🤯 Feeling bitter, resentful or burnt out on your career

🤔 Wondering how others are hitting six figures behind the chair

but you can't seem to?

You are smart and willing to put in the work if only there was a method that was simple to follow where you could start to see results FAST. 

If you think hitting 6 figures in your  beauty biz is only in fairy tales🧚 then we have a new story for you➡️

Joining a community of like minded, passion driven beauty professionals is hands down the biggest catalyst for growth. It can be the difference between achieving your goals this year or continuing the grind and never seeing the payoff. 


✓ Access the methods that are getting our students

6 figures their first year out of beauty school

✓ Have advanced technical and beauty biz education

at your fingertips

✓ Join a community of inspired and dedicated beauty

professionals just like you

✓ Experience the coaching and accountability that’s

driving the success of our members

What you are getting inside The Elite Stylist Academy

beauty business foundations

Classroom Modules: The Foundations of Your 6 Figure Business

✓ Hundreds of hours of classroom modules and workbooks

✓ Use credits to unlock more learning! Works like audible, the more you stay and play the more credits you earn

✓ Find the one thing keeping you from 100k and create an actionable plan to finally get there

✓ Learn step by step guidelines to build the beauty biz you have always dreamed of

Learn from experts in the field

whether it is advanced technical education or beauty biz strategies we have it covered in our monthly master classes tailored to address the current needs of our members.

✓ Gain access to a wide library of quick tips for those days that you need inspo but are short on time

✓ Grab a mannequin head and delve into our long form resources to master a new skill

✓ Whether it’s pricing, client acquisition, or taxes our monthly beauty biz workshops unveil the secrets to create profits quickly

Participate in a growing community of beauty pros just like yourself

✓ Have some fun inside our community sharing, inspiring and learning from others

✓ Find a mentor or friend that can hold you accountable to you goals

✓ Remember how fun this career is supposed to be with community challenges, games and networking possibilities

Have access to the most important ingredient for success: COACHING!

✓ With 7 out of 10 people reporting that they credit coaching for achieving their goals we wanted to give our members ample access to this support

✓ Have live access to a coach weekly to ask all of your questions

✓ Never feel alone again

Meet Your Coaches

Francine Thompson

Founder of Elite Salon Leadership, educator, mentor and beauty biz expert


After 25 years BTC and 16 years of salon ownership I have gained a reputation for taking stylists to their goals FAST!

My work with grooming 6 figure stylists has prepared me to share these strategies on a much larger level through The Academy. I have used the insight that I share within our classrooms to grow my own successful career BTC and I have seen the powerful proof of success through all the stylists who have also created 6 figure beauty businesses inside these doors. My methods are clear and easy to follow but most of all they get results quickly. Because, let's face it, no one has time to be broke!

I take results seriously but make the journey fun! I am your guide, your confidant and your biggest fan. Let’s do this!!

Julian Normand

Hey there, I'm Jeweldoeshair, and I've been in this industry for 14 amazing years. From the start, I knew I wanted to share my knowledge and inspire others. Over time, I've been fortunate to turn that passion into reality. I'm not just your average stylist—I'm an international educator for a high end beauty brand, an independent educator, and the proud owner of my own single-chair salon. Plus, I’ve got quite the following on social media—115k strong and counting! While I consider myself a curly hair guru, I'm no stranger to any hair challenge, whether it's fixing color mishaps or creating breathtaking extensions. But beyond the cutting and coloring, what truly drives me is empowering my fellow stylists worldwide. I'm on a mission to uplift careers and spread positivity across the globe. Join me as we journey to success together!

Our Stylist results speak for themselves. Take a look.

It’s been an exciting journey for me as I joined the Elite Stylist Academy right after I graduated from cosmetology school. The context of the lectures are inspiring, eye-opening, and even mind-blowing. They don’t teach these kinds of things in schools; the information Francine shares is essential for new and seasoned hair stylists who are looking to expand their knowledge in the beauty business. Francine is a wise and inspiring teacher, and I feel lucky to have an opportunity to learn from her. I’m very grateful to be a student of the Elite Stylist Academy.

Anna Y.

The academy has been a great way for me to look at the full picture of what it takes to become successful in this industry. It has helped me to build a business I am proud of and learn how to build myself as a brand. It has also helped me learn more techniques that have been useful in the salon. Francine has done an amazing job at showing us the path to become successful in our own way as a stylist. I am very grateful to have this opportunity and looking forward to learning more in this program!

-Marlee C

I started doing hair during the pandemic, with not a lot of room for growth as the whole world was shut down. However, Francine helped build my confidence as well as my client book. Giving me endless support and advice on subjects related and unrelated to hair. She is a big advocate for mental health and personal goals which I feel is hard to come by. And has not only helped me in the hair world reach new heights but also in everyday life. Truly a knowledgeable individual and I’m grateful to have worked with her.

-Shayla S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can I expect?

Our students are experiencing remarkable outcomes such as:

  • Doubling their revenue in 6 months

  • Increasing retail sales by 6 times

  • Securing promotions

  • Doubling their clientele

  • Boosting overall profits by 50%

How soon can I expect to see results?

Typically, our students witness tangible progress within a 6 -month timeframe.

What does my monthly membership include?

In addition to our fundamental courses, your monthly membership grants you access to

  • Weekly group coaching sessions

  • A vibrant peer community for support and networking

  • Monthly master classes designed to inspire and foster growth

What is expected of me as a community member?

While there are no strict requirements for participation, engaging with the community enhances your experience and accelerates your progress. Active involvement serves as ongoing motivation toward achieving your goals.

What if I decide to cancel my membership?

You have the freedom to cancel your membership at any time without hassle. There are no hoops to jump through, and you're always welcome to rejoin whenever you're ready.